Take it Personally™

Small Community Building Engine

Social networks instead of making us more social, connected and happy did more damage than good.

However the right way to build a community is not yet forgotten. We have the solution!


We are the founders: Anastasia, Olga and Konstantin. We lived and worked in Russia, Belarus, the Netherlands, the US, Spain, China, Indonesia and Japan, acquired international degrees and professional experience and travelled in many other countries. This opened up our eyes to different cultures and traditions in societies, and had a profound influence on our mentality. Now we all came to a conclusion that relating to other people authentically and personally is the key to happiness and fulfilment. 

Recently our team has expanded by taking on board wonderful Julia, an experienced UX/UI designer and a very kind person! Now we are in search for talented developers! Take a look at our current vacancies below.


Head of Operations


Head of Finances


Head of Technology


UX/UI Designer


Be There From The Start

Making first steps in a startup offers a unique possibility to be at the source of all major decisions, at the top of setting up the culture and business processes, at the direct communication with the founders.

Being part of an early stage startup offers possibility to learn all aspects of the business, see the full picture, and grow together with the company.  


Ultimately, behind the 1000 steps of our startup journey, there is a goal to preserve the values that we humans were cultivating for ages. The values of creating a small community where people personally know each other, where emotions are real and connected to the lives of others and not to some polished photos or words of strangers on social media. 

Our human biochemistry supports this community building behaviour, rewarding us with oxytocin and endorphins for every real life connection. And punishes us with cortisol and adrenaline when we distance from each other and experience loneliness.

The Vision

Digitalisation of human connection has happened, there is no way back. But just as with the environmental change we have to wake up to it, stop denying the decremental effects of detachment on our health.

We need to find a way to be more personal again, to live as a real life community, adopting the fruits of digital revolution as smart tools which would help us progress human civilisation further and flourish on our beautiful planet, living in harmony with each other and other life forms.

Tech Lead / Senior
Android Developer

Lead Software Engineer with experience in native Android development with Java and Kotlin to join our team full-time.

Senior Mobile
Backend Developer

Mobile Software Architect will start and lead the development team for our Digital Platform.


Asli Kutlucan

Senior Partner - Cycas Hospitality

An exciting initiative to transform how people communicate with each other and show appreciation as well as gratitude in the digital age. Will revolutionize the service industry and hospitality. Looking forward to using the app.

Nancy Barrett

Director of Sales & Marketing - Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group

In the world that is focused on revenues, TiP makes difference bringing attention to the actual people standing behind the dry numbers.

Kerem Guncag-Ozbas

Business Development Manager Europe - Paintbox Group Ltd.

Great idea of how to empower and reward hard-working professionals in any sector. It has all the components to fire a social revolution of kindness globally.

Larissa Katayeva

Coach Personal & Team Development, Co-Creative Entrepreneurship

Impressive concept with a lot of potential to become global. Application of this technology in Education sector is also very promising.


Yeliz Ruzgar

Life Coach, Mentor, Consultant - powercoaching.us

There is only human-doing business: to serve humanity. As all the sevice is getting digitalized in this era it is time to remember that we are human-beings and share our soul’s mission: love and gratitude.

Aleksey Belinskiy

Director of European Projects - Steelman Partners Architecture & Planning

One of the best ideas I have heard recently! It can change the world we live in and make it better! It cuts through BS to reward those who deserve appreciation in a shortest way possible.

Olga Kochak

Personal Trainer - HealthCity Amsterdam

This app will change my life as a Service Professional! Finally there will be a way to collect authentic and useful feedback from my clients.​

Join us on this exciting journey!

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