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There is something very personal we know about you. There is something you know about every person you meet on the street. And there is something they know about you. Something that is in the heart of everything you do.


There is something you know about every person you meet on the street. And there is something they know about you. Something very personal! Something that is in the heart of everything we do. We all want to be happy! 

Each of us imagines happiness in a different way, so we have created endless solutions in attempts to achieve it. Just take a look around – all the technology, courses, retreats, books are there to make us happy. Happy with a virtual friendship, happy with a beautiful picture, happy with a like.

But does it work? Surprisingly the more external tools we get to drive us to that “happy place” the less happy we get. Look at the technology – our favourite go-to source of hope for happiness. We dive into our smart phones and all we get in return are unrealistic standards, bullying, social division and ignorance of the real life happening around.

This social distancing is the main curse of our generation. Without feeling of belonging, without being recognised and appreciated, people start losing themselves.

Thank you!

Remember how parents were teaching you – “Don’t forget to say: “Thank you!” How important you felt leaving the bakery saying “Thank you!” to the baker? And how much of a deal it was to hear the baker say: “Thank you, little one!” This is one of the first and the most important lessons we learn in life.

“Thank you” has a huge power. A simple “Thank you” fills up the heart with happiness and can cure the darkest thoughts. With two small words you can remind someone that they are appreciated. That you paid attention and noticed all their effort. It is the most genuine expression of kindness one can give.

Have you noticed how often we are too much in a hurry to stop and notice the moment? The bus driver who is exceptionally friendly today and made you smile, the nurse who did more than she had to, and that street musician who gave you the goose bumps. All those people making lives of others happier every day, but still remaining unseen…

Take It Personally ™

We are the founders of “Take it Personally ™” application. We recognize the social distancing growing and we refuse to passively observe!

We have a solution, which will help to bring the power of appreciation back to our daily lives. It will encourage people to be kind with each other and remind them that even the smallest good deed matters.

Together we will empower those people who are not appreciated at their jobs as much as they should – social workers, teachers, waitresses, taxi drivers, shop attendants. Everyone with a big heart will stand out and will be seen for the great person and the professional they are.

We will tip the social scale and bring the hard jobs of serving people to the spotlight!

It is time to start the social revolution and open people’s hearts to the kindness around them. So each and every person will care about how they treat each other and they will “Take it Personally ™!”. It takes a smallest spark to start the global wave of Kindness and just two words to start the Happiness Revolution. These words unite and make us stronger. They are like an invisible kiss whispering: “I might not know you, but I see you. We are the family. Thank you!


Asli Kutlucan

Senior Partner - Cycas Hospitality

An exciting initiative to transform how people communicate with each other and show appreciation as well as gratitude in the digital age. Will revolutionize the service industry and hospitality. Looking forward to using the app.

Nancy Barrett

Director of Sales & Marketing - Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group

In the world that is focused on revenues, TiP makes difference bringing attention to the actual people standing behind the dry numbers.

Kerem Guncag-Ozbas

Business Development Manager Europe - Paintbox Group Ltd.

Great idea of how to empower and reward hard-working professionals in any sector. It has all the components to fire a social revolution of kindness globally.

Larissa Katayeva

Coach Personal & Team Development, Co-Creative Entrepreneurship

Impressive concept with a lot of potential to become global. Application of this technology in Education sector is also very promising.


Yeliz Ruzgar

Life Coach, Mentor, Consultant -

There is only human-doing business: to serve humanity. As all the sevice is getting digitalized in this era it is time to remember that we are human-beings and share our soul’s mission: love and gratitude.

Aleksey Belinskiy

Director of European Projects - Steelman Partners Architecture & Planning

One of the best ideas I have heard recently! It can change the world we live in and make it better! It cuts through BS to reward those who deserve appreciation in a shortest way possible.

Olga Kochak

Personal Trainer - HealthCity Amsterdam

This app will change my life as a Service Professional! Finally there will be a way to collect authentic and useful feedback from my clients.​

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